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Spring Sheep Shearing - slide show

A week and a half ago Pete Brummer, a young vegetable farmer in our area, came to shear our sheep. Shearing day is a lot of fun for us but also very hard work, especially for Pete.  This year we had the help of a couple blond truants whose job it was to pick up the wool, stomp it into the wool bag, and keep the sheared ewes from coming back into the barn and getting in Pete's way.  We began shearing at 8am and continued, with a few breaks for snacks and water, till around 1 pm.  Roy told Pete he thought we had around 70 ewes, but as it turned out Pete sheared 90.  Since shearing day, we've had the sheep in the barn and dry (very wet right now) lot.   When the sun returns later this week, we hope to move them out on pasture just before the full brunt of lambing season begins.

First ram lamb 2010Wooly girls waiting to be shornPete Brummer capably handling on of our fat ewes. Shiver!Wool bagEwes in the chute.Sorry guys - wrong species.Nude sunbathing in the dry lot.