Blue Rooster Farm is a family owned and operated beef, sheep, and hog farm located in the Ridge and Valley region of South Central Pennsylvania. Our sheep and beef rotationally graze on pasture spring, summer and fall.  During the winter they are fed hay purchased from neighboring farms. We do not fatten on grains, use of synthetic growth hormones, or antibiotics on healthy stock.  In order to grow our beef quickly on grass and hay, we select for small-framed Black Angus cows and bulls. Our sheep are predominately North Country Cheviot - a hardy, flighty, stocky breed who give our Border Collies, Mac and Pip, a run for the money. Along with pasture-raised lamb and beef, we also raise free-range Berkshire pigs.  We are still learning how best to incorporate these intelligent, rooting, omivores into our pasture without creating too much disturbance and chaos on the farm. They spend  the winter and wet spring well-bedded and with plenty of space to root in the barn and barnyard. And when the conditions are right, we get them out on pasture or selected woodlots to graze and root. 

First day out in mid-April






Customer Comments

"Your lamb is amazing! It is some of the best I have ever tasted!  It has such a pure, clean lamb flavor."  -   Wes Morten, Executive Chef, Againn Restaurant, Washington D.C.

"The steaks we got from you were AWESOME!!"  - Holly Salazar

" We just finished the beef we bought last year and it's all been delicious!"  Deborah Battisti

"We are completely enjoying the beef we got from you.  Thank thank thank you so much!"  - Susan Leach